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Student Online Application Process

Step 1

Enter the teacher's recommendation code.


teacher's recommendation code: Teachers will receive an email from the organizing committee containing the teacher's recommendation code within 48 hours of submitting the registration form. Each work will have a unique code for students to use when submitting their works.


Step 2

Select your grade level group to complete the registration form.


Step 3

Upload the following materials

a) Student work in the format of your choice (video or PDF file)
b) Parental consent and Honor pledge form


a) 学生作品(视频或Powerpoint文件)

b) 家长同意荣誉声明书




When uploading your work, 

  • Include an introduction of yourself and your work. This introduction can be oral or written, in Chinese or English.

  • Please use the template for Non-video format submission.

  • Here is a suggestion for the framework of your introduction:

                     My name is…, I am a X grade student at X (school). My Chinese teacher is …….
                     I would like to present my calligraphy. I learned calligraphy in my Chinese class. 
                    我的名字是……, 我是 X 学校  X 年级的学生。 我的中文老师叫……。

    Feel free to expand on or revise this framework if you like, but make sure that your introduction includes all of the basic elements (name, school, explanation of your work, and so on).

  • If you are submitting your work as a video, the video should not exceed 5 minutes.

  • All other materials (Word documents, slide decks, posters, photograph images, and so on) must be   Powerpoint format. Please use the template for Non-video format submission.

  • Name your Powerpoint or video file with your teacher recommendation code and your name (Last_First). For example, if your name is Jacob Johnson and your teacher recommendation code is T1W1, you should name your file T1W1 Johnson_Jacob. If its group work,please name group work by recommedation code.

Reminder: Please ask your Chinese teacher to fill out the Teacher Recommendation Form first to get the code for you so you can apply.

Grades K-2

Grades 3 – 5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

College level

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