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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does a student get a recommendation code? 如何取得老师的推荐码?
    A: The teacher recommendation code will be sent to the teacher when a teacher fill out the Teacher Recommendation Form online. The teacher then forwards the recommendation code to the student. 一旦老师提交教师推荐表,推荐码会在2个工作日内发送到老师邮箱。老师再将推荐码告诉相对应的学生,学生自行报名。


  2. Can a student work created last year be submitted? 提交的作品一定是要交今年的作品吗?
    A: We encourage (but don’t require) students to submit works that they created in 2023. Please note, however, that student works cannot have been previously exhibited at other events or occasions such as competitions or public media. 成果展建议学生采用2023年的作品,基本条件是不能提交过去已经参加过其他比赛或展出的旧作品。


  3. Can students wear masks when video-taping their work? 学生戴口罩可不可以?
    A: Yes, students can choose to wear masks when recording their performances. 学生可以戴口罩进行演出。


  4. Can a piece of creative writing qualify to be submitted to the EXPO?  学生写作可以参赛吗?
    A: Yes. An essay written in Chinese falls within the Language category for the EXPO. Please refer to the NCESW website in the Content and Forms section for detailed information. 学生写作时属于语言类展示,符合参展资格。活动筹备小组建议学生读出自己的作品。


  5. What category does the student work belong to if an entire grade or multiple grade levels participate in a performance? 全校或全年级表演节目属于哪个组?
    A: School-organized programs can register for School Recommendation works. School works can include the works for a whole grade level or cross grade levels. Please use the School Recomm
    endation Form to register your work. 学校可推荐全年级组或跨年级组作品参展。请填写学校推荐表。

  6. How many students can a teacher recommend? 一名老师可推荐几名学生?
    A: Each teacher can recommend up to 10 pieces of their students’ work in each grade-level group in the individual category and 2 pieces in the group category. 每位老师可推荐10件个人组作品及2件团体作品。如果许多个人作品属班级集体活动,且为同一主题,请将这些作品整合扫描成为一件作品,提供标题,(可使用PPT形式),使用团体组报名表格。


  7. What kind of work can be submitted? Audio, videos, slides or pictures? How long can a video be? 作品提交的形式为何?
    A: Student works can be expressed via a variety of artistic forms and vehicles. Please refer to the Content and Forms section of the NCESW website for examples of works that can be submitted. Videos should not exceed 5 minutes in length. 为鼓励学生发挥多元智能表达自己,提交作品可呈现多样性,类别请见网页。提交的视频应该在5分钟之内。


  8. Can private schools participate in this event? 非公立中学的学生可以参加吗?可以推荐学生的集体表演吗?
    A: Yes. Private schools can apply for both the individual and group categories of the EXPO. 在州教育厅登记全日制有学籍的公私立学校都可以参加成果展。


  9. Can weekend Chinese schools participate in this event? 周末中文学校可以参加吗?
    A:No. Only state-registered accredited schools that follow the state mandated curriculum and attendance requirements can participate in this event. Weekend and after-school programs are not qualified. 在州教育厅登记全日制有学籍的公私立学校都可以参加成果展,但是周末或课后的中文学校不符合报名规定。


  10. How do I submit Chinese calligraphy or paintings? 中国书法和水墨画可以参展吗?
    A: To submit Chinese brush calligraphy or paintings, you have two options: 1) Videotape yourself writing or painting and then presenting the finished products. 2) Take pictures of your work and produce a PPT, then convert the PPT to a PDF before you submit it online. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure to talk about your calligraphy or painting and why you are interested in these art forms. 如果提交书法或水墨画作品,学生可以1. 将书写或绘画过程录像记录,并说明自己创作的构想和过程,或者2. 将作品照片用PPT整理出来,加上说明,表达创作的构想和过程,最后再将PPT转换为PDF档案上传。


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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