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Please join us to view 
the 2023 NCESW Chinese EXPO of student works!

After months of hard work by the AAICE team and with the help of experts from around the nation,  the Chinese EXPO has entered its next stage.  You can now view the selected student works displayed below. Let’s celebrate together the great success and hard work from the participating students and their teachers. 


This is the second year of NCESW. We are grateful to have received more than four thousand students’ works from the U.S. states and Canada. We invite and encourage schools, teachers, students, and families to visit our website and enjoy the EXPO.  

Please also mark your calendar! On January 27th and 28, we will host an online live showcase featuring the final round of excellent student works. Students and their teachers will be notified if they are selected to showcase their work on this live event. Please join us to applaud these students and teachers at this final celebratory event.

We appreciate the schools, teachers, and students who have helped to make this event possible and successful.



2023年的中文教育成果展经过组委和专业人士数月的辛勤工作,现在要向大家展现成果了。今年我们收到美国和加拿大上千件的作品,这是四千多名学生学习中文的成绩;他们在优秀的中文老师指导下,展现了他们对于中国文化的热爱和语言学习的成果。欢迎邀请您的朋友一起来观赏今年入选的优秀作品。从这些作品中,组委会将进一步选出超过100件的作品进入最后的网上直播展示庆祝会,并于 1月10日左右通知入选作品的学生和他们的老师。



View Student Works by Grade-level Groups

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